Department of Biology studies

Biology as the science of life is the basis for understanding nature around us and processes taking place in it as well as the basis for understanding oneself as an organism and as a part of nature. It plays an important role in contemporary life in many laboratories and interdisciplinary research projects. Whether they educate new generations or are involved in research or professional activities, the society needs biologists because of the knowledge that can be acquired through these studies which is increasingly sought after.


Undergraduate degree programme consists of 70% required (core) courses and 30% elective courses after the European model “major + minor”. It has been harmonised with similar programmes in the Republic of Croatia. A large share of elective courses enables students to supplement their basic programme with an aim to pursue graduate studies at J. J. Strossmayer University or other universities in the Republic of Croatia. In addition to required (core) courses, the undergraduate degree programme offers a large number of elective courses in biology and an elective course in chemistry. Students who choose an elective course in chemistry during undergraduate studies can enrol into graduate studies to become a biology and chemistry teacher.

Undergraduate studies in Biology last for three years, i.e. six semesters. Upon completion of undergraduate studies, students are awarded an academic degree of Bachelor (Baccalaureate) of Biology.

The holder of a Bachelor degree in Biology can pursue further studies.

Future holders of a Bachelor degree in Biology acquire knowledge and skills which qualify them to work in a laboratory as an associate (laboratory technician, technician), in a natural history museum, botanical gardens, nature parks or similar institutions.


Upon completion of an undergraduate degree programme, one can enrol into one of the graduate studies in natural sciences. J. J. Strossmayer University offers the following graduate degree programmes: Master of Science Graduate Programme in Biology and Master of Science Graduate Programme in Biology and Chemistry Education (i.e. teacher’s degree programme, but only if elective chemistry course was taken during undergraduate studies).

  • Master of Science Graduate Programme in Biology

During their studies, future holders of a Master of Science Degree in Biology acquire knowledge and skills necessary for quality and competent management of national or nature parks, fish-farms, botanical and zoological gardens, parks in general, biological laboratories, etc. Furthermore, holders of a master’s degree are qualified to become members of a research team of professionals conducting research in the field of natural, biotechnical and biomedical sciences.

  •   Master of Science Graduate Programme in Biology Education

Future Teachers of Biology and Chemistry acquire knowledge in the field of biology and chemistry as well as knowledge and skills necessary to educate primary and secondary school pupils and stimulate their interest in biology and chemistry.

One can also enrol into graduate studies at the Faculty of Science of the University of Zagreb, Faculty of Science and Teaching of the University of Split or other European universities whose programmes have been aligned with the Bologna Declaration.

In addition to providing wide knowledge base and skills, this programme also offers many interesting features which can be experienced during field work in Rovinj, Kopački rit, Sunger, Zagreb and throughout Slavonia and Baranya.

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